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4 Heart-Centred Steps to Writing Your Spiritual Will


This free guide that helps you discover your values, beliefs, lessons learned and family traditions, so that you can weave them into your own legacy and strengthen the ties between you and future generations.

Your Soulful Guide to Knowing What to Say When Someone Dies

Knowing what to say when someone dies is a skill. This free download will teach you the art of listening, holding space and other gifts you can give someone currently in the grips of grief. 

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How To Create an Unforgettable Funeral

Take back control of the dying process and step into your power come end-of-life with this completely unique 7-part online training program. 

Our Signature Course: "The End is Inevitable"

An in-depth online program that deals with the practical, emotional and spiritual elements of ending your life well – with whatever time you have left.