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the end is inevitable

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Online End-of-Life Course | The End is Inevitable | Rite of Passage Funerals

the end is inevitable…

Our unique program ‘The End is Inevitable’ is a step-by-step guide to coming to terms with the inevitability of death, jam-packed with tips, tricks and tools to help tidy up your affairs, leave your legacy and supercharge your life – no matter how long you have left.

This isn’t a manual for dying, rather a roadmap to live your life to the fullest right now. You will be guided through an enlightened journey into your mortality, exploring your spiritual beliefs, seeking your soul purpose, overcoming your biggest fears and making peace with your path – with whatever time you have left.

With a combination of written and video content over 12+ modules, we dive deep, answering some big life questions and exploring your options from both a practical and spiritual perspective. Once you’ve delved into the internal stuff, we’ll get right down to business putting all that juicy information into practical templates to help your family understand your desires come end-of-life. You’ll complete your end-of life-directives, plan your funeral and write legacy letter to your loved ones, all while arming yourself with expansive life tools along the way.

Investment: $288

This program was designed for you, if:

You are genuinely committed to leaning into the realities of end-of-life and accepting the inevitablity of death.

You want to take a holistic approach to death and end-of-life, choosing consciousness over avoidance.

You want to use the inevitability of death as fuel to live a more meaningful existence right now.

You are ready to overcome any fears of obstacles you have around death and dying.

You want to improve your death literacy and learn about your options come end-of-life.

You want to take a proactive approach to planning your end-of-life and funeral.

You feel called to step into the shadows to find your inner light, no matter how long you have left to live.

You want to have all your documents and end-of-life paperwork filed away before the inevitable does happen.

The End is Inevitable is not for you, if:

You’re not ready to confront your mortality.

‘The Work’ around death scares you.

You can’t commit time and energy to this particular process.

You don’t believe there is value in ending your life well, or providing your family with a detailed outline of your wishes come end-of-life.

what we cover…
This revolutionary self-study program dives deep into:

Your Journey So Far

Uncovering Your Soul Purpose

Living with Intention


The Time Factor

What Does a ‘Good Death’ Look Like?

On Being a Parent

Letting Go

Sacred Rituals

The Passing

What To Do Immediately After Death

Living Will

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Life-Prolonging Measures & DNRs

The Five Wishes Document

Your Funeral

Legacy Letters and more…

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the end is inevitable

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