Funeral Director Byron Bay

Funeral Director Byron Bay

Rite of Passage Funerals isn’t like other funeral directors – and we’re proud of that. We’re forging our own path in the industry and actively choosing to push refresh on some outdated practices. 

why choose us…


We have hundreds of venues (without strict time restrictions) for you to choose from to create the perfect setting. 


We don’t follow the traditional formula, instead we work with your person in mind to create a fitting tribute.


We are passionate about creating change and offering a fresh new approach to funeral and end-of-life planning.


We redistribute your budget into the things that really matter – like styling, venue, audio visual displays, catering & more.


We accept that you might want to source your own coffin or plan some things yourself.


We provide you with an itemised price list and publish our prices online for full transparency. 


We communicate with you every step of the way and invite you to be as involved as you want to be.


We offer a full range of services with hands-on support to help guide you through this process.

Our core values:

We always lead with respect, compassion & understanding.

We empower through education, communication & storytelling.

We believe in price transparency & redistributing your budget.

contact us...

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Our New eCourse: How To Create an Unforgettable Funeral

Pre-plan your funeral in 5 easy steps!

Take back control of the dying process and step into your power come end-of-life with this completely unique eCourse designed to make the process of planning your funeral simple.

This eCourse is for anyone wanting to know what’s involved in planning a funeral or memorial event and it’s going to arm you with all the knowledge you need to feel empowered, get organised and ease the burden and stress on your family when the time comes.


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