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About Us

Rite of Passage Funerals are independent, modern funeral planners with offices in Sydney and on the Gold Coast, dedicated to arranging personalised funerals and unique end-of-life events. Our fresh perspective on funerals is what sets us apart!

We work in partnership with our clients to rethink what funerals can be – and with trusted suppliers and vendors, we can make that vision a reality.

Rite of Passage Funerals

We had such a wonderful experience using Rite of Passage Funerals. They handled the necessary funeral arrangements gently, kindly, compassionately, yet also efficiently. I really felt they listened to what we wanted.

Julie H

Funeral Directors Gold Coast

What We Do

◊ cremations & burials

◊ funeral & memorial planning

◊ inclusive mortuary care

◊ personalised ceremonies

◊ funeral pre-planning

Want to see our work?


Our Funeral Planners pride themselves on creating modern, meaningful funerals and memorials. With permission, we share some examples of services we’ve created for our valued clients.

funeral planning gold coast
Our eBook: How To Create an Unforgettable Funeral

Pre-plan your funeral in 5 easy steps! Take back control of the dying process and step into your power come end-of-life with this completely unique eBook designed to make the process of planning a funeral affordable and simple. This eBook is for anyone wanting to know what’s involved in planning a funeral or memorial event. It’s going to arm you with all the knowledge you need to feel empowered, get organised and ease the burden and stress on your family when the time comes.

See our range of bespoke, hand-crafted urns here.

The Urn Collective

Learn about our Funeral Celebrant Training course here.

Funeral Celebrant Training