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how to create an unforgettable funeral

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Funeral Pre-Planning Online Course | How To Plan an Unforgettable Funeral

how to create an unforgettable funeral

Take back control of the dying process and step into your power come end-of-life with this completely unique 7-part course.

This course is for anyone wanting to know what’s involved in planning a funeral or memorial event. It is for the mothers, the fathers, the healers, the carers, the healthy, the sick, the death doulas, the celebrants… the human. Because at the end of the day, we’re all going to die, so making arrangements ahead of time is, in our opinion, a really wise decision.

Investment: $88

This program was designed for you, if:

You want to plan an unforgettable funeral, memorial or end-of-life event for yourself or someone you know.

You’re open to reimagining what a funeral, memorial or end-of-life event should look like.

You’re curious about the logistics and specific steps involved in planning a funeral, memorial or end-of-life event.

You’re wondering whether you want to use a funeral director or plan (and execute) this event on your own.

You want to improve your death literacy and learn about your options come end-of-life.

You want to take a proactive approach to planning your end-of-life and funeral.

You want to learn how to plan, write and execute a meaningful funeral ceremony.

You want to alleviate the stress and burden of having your loved ones make funeral arrangements on your behalf.

This program is not for you, if:

You don’t believe that a funeral holds significant meaning.

You aren’t interested in learning more about the practical steps involved in planning an end-of-life event.

You can’t commit time and energy to this particular process

You don’t believe there is value in providing your family with a detailed funeral plan come end-of-life

what we cover…

This revolutionary self-study program dives deep into:

Unlocking Your Vision



Living Wakes

Ash Scattering Ceremonies


To Use a Funeral Director… Or Not?

Building Your Service

Creating Your Ceremony

The Day Before

The Day/Days After

Moving Forward

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how to create an unforgettable funeral

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