An eCourse Designed to Make Planning Your Funeral Easier.

Everything you need to plan your funeral in advance so you and your family can have peace of mind. 

Upon purchase, you’ll recieve access a 26-page eBook filled with everything you need to know about planning a funeral, a workbook to nut out your choices, a checklist to assist you in your planning, a comprehensive funeral plan for you to fill out and keep in a safe place for when the time comes, and a template to help you write your spiritual will.

What we cover.


♦ Your Disposition Options

♦ Unlocking Your Vision

♦ Funerals

♦ Memorials

♦ Living Wakes

♦ Ash Scattering Ceremonies

♦ Viewings

♦ Building Your Service

♦ Creating Your Ceremony

♦ The Things You Absolutely Need to Know

♦ To Use a Funeral Director… Or Not?

♦ Preparing for Death

♦ What to do Immediately After Death Takes Place

♦ Transportation

♦ Mortuary Care

♦ Paperwork

♦ Legalities


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