Rite of Passage Funerals isn’t your average funeral director…

We’re different. 

And we’re more than okay with that.

We believe that our fresh perspective on funerals is an advantage. We’re not bound by tradition or etiquette, ‘rules’ or big overheads that can get in the way of planning creative and affordable end-of-life events. 

Instead, we work in partnership with our families to rethink the paradigm of what a funeral looks like and draw on our collection of trusted suppliers and vendors to make that vision a reality. 


Because we value the importance of end-of-life events. We truly, wholeheartedly believe that honouring a person’s life is one of, if not the most, important ways to validate their life; their legacy. It’s also a crucial step in your own healing journey as well. 

Here’s how we know: our founder was once in your shoes. She too was faced with the stark reality of planning a funeral and was discontented with her options. Nothing seemed to feel quite right. The affordable options lacked personalisation and creativity, yet the companies that marketed themselves as personalised weren’t flexible or open to her ideas – they wanted to fit her service into their template – which wasn’t personalised at all. 

The whole experience just seemed… off

So Rite of Passage Funerals was born with a mission to remove the secrecy and stiffness traditionally associated with funerals and create modern, meaningful and personalised funerals instead.

Through our customised set of planning processes, we’re able to curate personalised funerals that truly reflect the person who has died and honour their legacy in an entirely new and modern way.