Funeral Prices | How Much is a Funeral | Funeral Planning

Funeral Prices | How Much is a Funeral | Funeral Planning

Our funerals might look expensive, but we’re usually 20-30 percent cheaper than the average funeral.

We do this by redistributing your budget into the things that make the biggest impact and keeping our overheads down, so we can pass those savings onto youThis often means that our services are 20-30% cheaper than traditional funerals.

When arranging a funeral through Rite of Passage Funerals, we provide you with an itemised price list so there are no hidden costs or surprises down the track, staying true to our commitment to price transparency. 

Just like a builder can’t tell you exactly how much a house will cost without seeing the plans, we can’t provide you with exact prices without talking to you first, but we can tell you that the average cost of a Rite of Passage Funeral service is $5,999 – inclusive of cremation fees, location, flowers, catering for the wake, ceremony, styling and more. Note: burials are more expensive due to the cost of burial plots.

We can work with all budgets and we’re committed to educating you on the most practical places to spend your money so you can create an end-of-life event worthy of your loved one… without the price tag. 

To make this process as seamless as possible, we’ve created a simple and affordable basics package that covers the essentials. After you’ve met with one of our experienced funeral directors and know all your options, you can curate the service according to your needs and budget, adding on as you go.

1. The Essentials, $1,500

What you get:

A telephone consultation so we can ensure we’re the right match.

A ‘welcome pack’ brimming with information.

An initial meeting with one of our expert funeral planners to inform you of your options and start curating the service in partnership with you. You can read about our process here. Please get in touch to make an appointment.

A fully itemised bespoke funeral concept devised with your loved one in mind. Our creative team consider everything from alternative venues, meaningful rituals, styling, audio/visual displays, catering and more.

An average of 12 hours of hands-on funeral planning time, including your funeral director who will attend the day of the service with an assistant.

Completion of all the necessary paperwork including cremation certificate, death certificate paid on your behalf to BDM and more.

Collection of the person who has died from anywhere on the Gold Coast (please note an additional out of hours or location fee may apply).

Respectful care of the person who has died in our eco-friendly mortuary facility.*

Respectful and gentle care of the person who has died by our expert mortician, including bathing and dressing in the clothes of your choosing.

Ongoing advice on all aspects of the funeral and the ceremony from our experienced team.

A personalised online announcement page so you can easily share details of the funeral with family and friends (optional).

2. The Additions


$1300 (includes cremation fees to crematorium, cremation casket, name plate, cremation permit and all paperwork – all compulsory by law)


from $3,995 (includes cost of burial plot only, which varies greatly depending on the venue. Please note this price does not include casket or service fees)


from $800. We have a huge range of caskets available for you to choose from, from eco-friendly wicker and sustainable timber, to MDF, customised, traditional and more. Prices vary depending on your preference but we can work within your budget to choose the right option for you.


Varies. All our services include styling of some description as we believe it’s one of the key ways to make a funeral truly unforgettable. We work within  your budget but all our styling includes lounge areas and table settings, flowers and much more.


from $200 per hour including driver. We have different options available depending on your needs and budget, including a modern Chrysler hearse, traditional hearse, horse-drawn hearse and more.


$100 per hour or part thereof.


from $10 per person. We understand the importance of good food, which is why we’ve hand-selected the best catering companies in our region to work with. From incredible grazing tables to a three course sit down twilight dinner, the options are endless.

and more…

We’ll also discuss things like service sheets, memorial jars, celebrant and more. 

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The funeral of my brother-in-law in May by Rite of Passage Funerals was perfect.  They provided the service that we required and carried it out with empathy and great consideration for the people concerned. If it is possible to have an enjoyable funeral, that made a joyous day, then it was.  Every attention had been made to detail so that it ran seamlessly, looked wonderful and provided a memorable service of celebration. Thank you Yasemin. A day to remember for all the right reasons.

Dorothy Owen

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